Specialized Transportation Services

Our specialty is the transport of dry goods with our fleet of satellite tracked 53′ tandem vans that span the country.

Other features include:

  • Retail appointments
  • Tail gate deliveries
  • Online track and trace
  • Dangerous goods
  • Expedited freight
  • Heated and refrigerated transport
  • Services – Cross – Border Truckload
  • Daily Schedules

Equal in importance to our domestic operations, our cross-border expertise takes us North America wide. We use a combination of our fleet and our freight management arm to handle our customers’ complete requirements

Canadian Truckload

IBS Transport is a great choice for your Canadian truckload requirements. Delivering Satisfaction by the Truckload.

IBS Transport was created to bring efficiency to the transportation segment of the supply chain. Serving the wide range of vendors and retail outlets (throughout Canada and the USA) was a great foundation and training ground for delivering just in time truckload services.

Key market coverage includes services. Equipment and our well-maintained fleet and award-winning drivers round out, our offering. Truckload Services.

Our specialization is the truckload transport of dry goods with our modern fleet of 53′ tandem vans. Our modern fleet is equipped with the latest satellite technology including individual untethered satellite trailer tracking for improved freight management and load security

Dedicated Fleet Outsourcing

Better customer service, flexible capacity, less risk exposure and improved profits.

IBS Transport offers companies the opportunity to concentrate on their core competency by outsourcing their transportation and supply chain management requirements to us. We manage the complex issues involved in moving freight and we assume the risk associated with driver compensation, cargo liability, insurance coverage, asset investment and maintenance. We assume all risk, handle all labour issues and leave your branding intact

Exemplary customer service

  • Focused attention to safety and compliance
  • Ongoing investments in the latest technologies
  • Elimination of risk associated with compensation, cargo liability, insurance coverage, asset investment and maintenance
  • Enhance fleet efficiencies through route optimization